2018 Christmas Everywhere Rodney Crowell New West Records - Duet vocals

2018 Floater, A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater Eight 30 Records - Vocals and guitar

2017 Lil G.L.'s Honky Tonk Jubilee Charley Crockett - Harmony vocals and mandolin

2016 This Changes Everything Jim Lauderdale - Harmony vocals

2016 The Revealer Jesse Dayton - Harmony vocals

2016 Curtis Wright Curtis Wright - Harmony vocals

2016 But You Like Country Music Brennen Leigh & Sunny Sweeney 

2015 Goodluck Man Carson McHone - Harmony vocals

2015 Don't Forget Me Little Darling, Remembering the Carter Family Antique Persuasion - Vocals, lead and rhythm guitar

2015 Arkansas Bound Melissa Carper - Rhythm and lead guitar

2015 Songs About You Brooks West - Harmony Vocals

2015 The State I'm In Ben Ballinger - Harmony Vocals

2014 O' Montana Christy Hays - Harmony Vocals

2014 Is That So Much to Ask Noel McKay - Mandolin, harmony vocals, lead and rhythm guitar

2014 Stormclouds in Heaven James Hand - Mandolin and rhythm guitar

2014 Through the Heart of Town The New Madrids - Duet vocals on "Alaska"

2013 Jesus & Mama Devin Jake - Mandolin and harmony vocals

2013 Making Sure the Story's Being Told Cecil Allen Moore - Harmony vocals on "Free Liquor, Beer, and Wine"

2013 Old Fashioned Gal The Carper Family - Mandolin

2013 Take it and Break It Leo Rondeau - Harmony Vocals

2012 Sketches of South Central Texas Noel McKay - Lead and rhythm guitar, harmony vocals, engineering

2012 Jesse Sings Kinky Jesse Dayton - Harmony Vocals

2011 Back When The Carper Family - Mandolin and Lead Guitar

2011 Cold Comfort John Lilly - Harmony Vocals

2011 Last of a Dying Breed Clint Martin - Harmony Vocals

2011 Warning! Contains Country Music A-11 - Vocals

2010 The Box Brennen Leigh

2010 Eight The Hard Way Eleven Hundred Springs - Harmony Vocals

2010 Kitchen Radio Teri Joyce Harmony Vocals

2010 One For the Dance Halls Jesse Dayton - Duet and Harmony Vocals

2010 The Way I Am Douglas Kent Harmony Vocals

2010 The Jukebox in Your Heart Mike Stinson - Harmony Vocals

2009 Big Sky Tonight Geoff Union Harmony Vocals

2008 Blues Lovin' Man Michael Cross - Harmony Vocals

2008 This Broken Crown Caroline Casey & the Stringslingers - Mandolin, Vocals

2008 Voices Of A Grateful Nation: Supporting American Troops & Veterans - Texas Country & Americana With Charlie Louvin - Vocals, mandolin

2007 Bangs, Bullets and the Turtle Mountains, Leo Rondeau - Harmony Vocals

2007 Holdin Our Own and Other Country Gold Duets Jesse Dayton and Brennen Leigh - Vocals and mandolin

2007 Already Moved On Moot Davis - Harmony Vocals

2006 Devil's on My TrailBrennen Leigh 

2006 Kakistocracy Spicewood Seven - Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals

2004 Too Thin to Plow Brennen Leigh - Mandolin, vocals

2004 Holy Ghost Power The Weary Boys - Mandolin, Vocals

2002 Lonesome, Wild and Blue Brennen Leigh - Out of Circulation (not available), Vocals and Mandolin

Songwriting credits include:

Lee Ann Womack Sleeping With The Devil

Sunny Sweeney Are You Still Taking Them Pills

Sarah Borges Are You Still Taking Them Pills

Sunny Sweeney Amy

Sarah Borges Are You Still Taking Them Pills

Devin Jake I Don’t Drink

The Carper Family Precious Jewel

Rodney Crowell Merry Christmas From An Empty Bed

Charley Crockett You Must Be Drunk Again

Whitney Rose Analog